Everything You Need to Know About Cupiosexuality

Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals. This is the fourth post in my Asexual Awareness Week set of posts. If you want to know what the heck is going on you can click here to see a post introducing these and if you missed any of the previous posts, you can click to see demisexual, greysexual, and fraysexual.

So, today we’re talking about cupiosexuality.


Cupiosexuality is wanting a sexual relationship, but not experiencing sexual attraction.

Basically, this means that they enjoy the experience of having sex and they want to have a sexual relationship with their partner, but they are not actually sexually attracted to anyone.


That’s kinda weird to wrap your head around because it goes against what most people assume asexual people are like. But remember, asexual just means that you don’t experience sexual attraction, not necessarily that you hate sex or never want to have it. This is something I’m going to talk about in a post later this week.


The cupiosexual flag contains the colors gray, blue, white and pink, all in light shades in horizontal bands across the page, similar to the asexual flag.



Unfortunately, the cupiosexual flag is relatively new, so there isn’t an official definition for what the colors mean, but I’m willing to take a guess.

Grey is for asexuality and greysexuality. Cupiosexuals are similar to greysexuals and demisexuals because they are the most likely to have sex within the asexual community.

The white, as usual, represents allosexuality and/or partners and allies

Blue and pink are the ones I’m not sure about, but I’d like to guess that pink represents the fact that they still have relationships and sex, and the blue represents community, as the purple does in the asexual flag.

Just my opinion, you are all entitled to your own interpretation.

Also, please bear in mind that there are variations on this flag because it is relatively known, this is just the one that I found to be most popular.

History & Support

Cupiosexual was originally ‘kalosexual’. The term was coined around three years ago by the Tumblr user “acelyssie” but was found to be problematic so changed to Cupiosexual.

It is still a relatively new identity, so it is not widely known. There are a few threads on the AVEN website about cupiosexuality. Besides that, asexual positive tumblrs are the best place to find support for Cupiosexual people.


Hope you’ve enjoyed, tomorrow we move on to lithosexual, another relatively unknown one.



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