Everything You Need to Know About Freysexuality

Hey guy, gals and non binary pals! Today is the third day of Asexual Awareness Week. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can click here. The posts from the previous two days are here and here.

Today we’re moving on to freysexuality.

Before we begin, can I just say that while I was editing this post I found that I had misspelled freysexual many times, putting fraysexual instead. I think I have corrected all of them, but if you see a misspelling just let me know and remember that it’s frey not fray.


Freysexual: Someone who experiences attraction to someone until they actually meet them.


This means that they may just want to admire their crush, rather than actually have sex with them. Freysexuality is the opposite of demisexuality, so, while demisexual people would find one night stands completely non-nonsensical,  a freysexual person may find that that is the only way they feel attraction to people.

Remember that asexual people can experience romantic attraction (although not all do), so while one night stands may work for some freysexual people, others will want a relationship but without the sex after their attraction fades.

As you’ll see as this week goes on, there are many variations of each identity. In terms of freysexual, the variation is how quickly the attraction fades. Some people may experience attraction until they talk to the person they’re attracted to and for others, it may take a few weeks for their attraction to fade. Some people it is exactly the opposite of demisexuality, so their attraction fades once a bond is formed.


The freysexual flag contains blue, cyan, white and grey in horizontal bars, similar to the asexual flag


The blue and cyan represent less familiar relationships

The white represents a lack of attraction

The grey represents the grey area in between and the confusion that freysexual people feel when their feelings disappear.

Freysexual positive tumblrs:


A-spec People are Beautiful posts asexual positivity and social justice posts.

The Asexuality Blog

Not strictly asexual but they have lots of positive messages about all people on the asexual spectrum.

Ask an Asexual

Advice for people on the asexual spectrum


Hope you’ve enjoyed, tomorrow we’re going on to cupiosexual.

3 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Freysexuality

  1. William J. Cataldi says:

    Thank you for your article about freysexuality. My partner and I are both homosexual freysexuals. We only found out there was a word for us in the last 10 years or so. We feel fortunate to have found one another, because we understand one another implicitly. Obviously, we don’t have sex with one another. We quit in the first year of our partnership. All of our sex has been non-monogamous with outsiders. If a man doesn’t want me to be interested in him sexually, all he has to do is let me get to know him somewhat. Any initial sexual attraction is gone. We’ve both had an enormous amount of sex with strangers. And we’re happy. Happy with our sex lives, and happy with our partnership of 27 years. I just want to point out the huge amount of prejudice that exists in the world against freysexuals. We are stomped on by the society at large. I suspect there are a lot of “undiagnosed” freysexuals who just think there is something wrong with them, and they are ashamed. Any kind of non-monogamy is routinely condemned by both the heterosexual and the homosexual communities. The oppression of freysexuals is a huge crime mainstream culture still perpetrates. I can only hope that more freysexuals will wake up to what they are, cast off their own shame, and fight for their right to exist. Very Truly Yours, Bill Cataldi


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